When Europe was creating the “Euro” coin, the US was forming state coins.  I have them all, and make them into pendants, charms, and rings!  See here a Rhode Island State Quarter mounted in a 14Ky gold bezel.  Supposedly, you are not to polish coins at risk of diminishing their value.  In my jewelry pieces, I love the contrast a bit of wear makes to the high polish of the gold work I add in.  They are conversation pieces.  They can mark the state you live in now, where you grew up, where your children were born, or where you vacation. Price is U.S. $300. Free shipping in the U.S.

Butterflies are part of the Fairy world.  Normally you see their majesty worked with open wings.  I dreamed of a butterfly sitting, resting, contemplating life, or maybe your garden with its wings up.  Stones are the most rare of moonstones, called adularia, which have a great clear, with tinge of blue color, Persian turquoise, and opals.  Filigree gold work is all in 18Ky.  Attachment for the bracelet is what we in the industry call “Click style.” 4- .40 ct opals, 3- 3.85ct moonstones, 4- 2mm turquoise.  This measures 2” across, and 1.5” up/down.  Price is U.S. $3,500. Free shipping in the U.S.





Shows:   October 6th, 2018 Broadway Street Fair, Newport, RI.    12-6pm

                Will have a bit of Fine Jewelry and Fascinator/Hats

​            October 27-28th, 2018 Asheville Fine Art Show, Pack Square Park, Asheville, NC.   (Sat & Sun 10-5)

                 Will have Fine Jewelry, Fascinators and Paintings available for sale

            November 9-11th, 2018 Fine Furnishings Show, Waterfire Arts Center, 475 Valley Street, Providence, RI

                  Will have Fine Jewelry, Fascinator/Hats and Paintings available for sale (Fri 5-9, Sat 10-6, Sun 10-4)

            November 25th, 2018 R.I. Women's Expo, Crowne Plaza, 801 Warwick, RI.  (Sun 11-

                   Will have Fine Jewelry, Fascinator/Hats available for sale

            December 1st, 2018 Rhodes on the Pawtuxet, Cranston, RI      10-5pm,

                    Will have my books for sale.  http://www.riauthorexpo.com

            December 7-9th Art Providence Show, R.I. Convention Center, Providence, RI(F-5-7pm, Sat-10-6, Sun 10-5)

​                    Will have Fine Jewelry available for purchase


Dragons are mystical creatures.  This one is in the form of a magical coin ring where I capture the Chinese lineage with a bamboo style shank.  The coin measures 1 1/8”, and has 14Ky rose and green gold wrapped around it, and into the whole shank.  What’s wonderful here is that coins represent money.  What better way to attract wealth than to wear it, and look at it every day? Size is 9.5-10 And can go up or down either way. Price is U.S. $2,250. Free shipping in the U.S.

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This is a triple black beach stone, “Mystical Umbrella” ring in 14Ky gold, with a dancing starfish sculpture sandwiched in between the top stone, and the gold shank of the ring, is in 18Ky. Triple black is very difficult to find for those of you who hunt our shores. It’s always worn very smooth by the ocean, with perhaps one protruding dimple. Each one is unique.  I personally have worn one for months now, and it remains just as lovely as the first day I placed it on my finger. The stone measures 7/8” long, by 6/8” wide. Size today is 6.5"  It can go up or down a bit either way. Price is U.S. $1,150. Free shipping in the U.S.

“When Pigs Fly” earrings came about as my Goddaughter has always loved any sculpture in this fashion.  Once I got to carving the gold to form a tiny version, I fell in love with the character that developed.  Today, this is one of the pieces I can and do repeat.  That said, each piece is hand finished which means is still unique.  When I made my first pair I worried no one would recognize what they were being earring size, so wore them out to the grocery store.  Happily, I was stopped numerous times by people enamored by my earrings!  They are in 14Ky gold, measure 1 1/8” Long from the lever back top, and 4/8” wide.  I also will do one up as a pendant or charm drop if you are interested.  Price is U.S. $650. Free shipping in the U.S.


This amethyst ring has a 7/8” long, by ½” wide faceted amethyst mounted in a multi-pronged cage.  The core of the ring is in a hammered 22Ky gold style, with the amethyst held in by 18Ky gold.  Amethyst is a stone long associated with power.  Size is 9 and can go up or down either way.  Price is U.S. $1,800. Free shipping in the U.S.

Who doesn’t love a dragonfly?  This ring is part of my “Country Garden” series where you see a dragonfly, a stylized rose, and leaf and vine, along with a stylized garden fence built into the ring shank.  One .03 pt. champagne diamond is mounted as a drop of dew.  It measure ½” wide, by ¾” across the finger.  Size is 8 and can go up or down either way.  Price is U.S. $750. Free shipping in the U.S. Matching stud earrings and bracelet also available.  ​Sold