Gem quality rose quartz is clear with a beautiful pink tone that works on self-love. Wear the 14Kr/y/w gold "Harvest" studs alone, with the rose gold lined rose quartz drops, with the light grey pearls, or all three pieces together as shown at left. Harvest is a wheat symbol. Think of harvesting wheat, it's income! Income is wealth. This symbol with rose quartz is a way to promote a wealth of self love. These pierced earrings are 2" long by .65" wide.        $1,850- US + shipping

​This half-moon "Leaf and Vine" design pin measures 1.25" x 1" and is in 14Kr/w/g golds​, with two .07ct round white diamonds and one .10ct round blue sapphire. Plant life grows up towards the light, often dying back in the winter to be born again come spring. Diamonds intensify the energy of the sapphire, which helps the intuitive part of your brain to open. With this pin you can be intuitive while growing towards your intuitive inner light.  $625- US + postage

"The Whistler" is a hand carved turquoise asymmetric ring that is formed in 14Kw/y gold for a finger size of   . You cannot be sad when whistling!    $    US  +  postage

​Hand carved turquoise pig pendant has a light green fresh water pearl swinging under his belly and hangs off a  " strand of mm light green fresh water pearls. Gold is 14Ky. Maybe you were born in the year of the pig, or perhaps you love pigs. No matter, you'll have fun wearing this necklace for  $    US + postage

#24.  "Easter Fish" is a floor cloth that measures 26.5" x 32.5" I use acrylic paint on canvas with polyurethane to finish. All floor cloths come with a care instruction sheet, and are easily maintained. You can place this directly on the floor, or put a rug mat underneath.  $380- US + postage

 “Mystical Umbrella” sculpture to wear ring is in 14Ky gold, with an 18Ky dancing starfish sandwiched in between the top stone, and the gold shank of the ring. Triple black beach stones are very difficult to find. It’s worn smooth by the ocean, with one protruding dimple. Interested in how this stone would wear over time, I made one and have worn it for months now. It remains just as lovely as the first day I placed it on my finger. The stone measures 7/8” long, by 6/8” wide with a finger size of 6.5.  It can go up or down a bit either way.  $1,150- U.S. plus postage

​"Awareness/Intention" bowl has actual clear quartz sewn into the paper Mache. The gold interior overlaps to the white exterior with striations. It's 2" high x 5" wide. Bring clarity into your world with intention.  #2441  is $35- US + postage

The dancing starfish, conch and periwinkle shells adorn this Prehnite pendant where white fresh water pearls and continuous prongs create the illusion of wave action that screams BEACH! When hardened by life's ups and downs, you become solid. To move forward, you need to become liquid again and Prehnite can assist in all that. It's  1.50" wide by 2" high and is on a 17" 14Ky box chain.   $1,520-  US + shipping

Yellow sapphires help you to stop moping and begin hoping. When diamonds are smaller than colored stones, they place more energy onto that colored stone. This 18Ky + 14pink gold filigree ring has three 1.10ct. total weight sapphires, and one .09ct  VVS white diamond, and is a size 6.75.   $2,135- US + postage

This fascinator has a navy felt base with navy feathers, a beautiful blue silk lily, and a light green French veil, all on a comfortable headband core. We all love navy blue but find it difficult to find matching accessories. This is your opportunity to have something that is fun and fab to wear with any navy outfit. #2129  is  $235- US + postage

​One of my sculpture to wear rings is created of 14Ky/w gold with three- .06ct tw round white VVS diamonds, and a 1.5" x .75" clear quartz crystal cabochon. The continuous prongs holding the quartz in place represent clouds. From the top, you can see one diamond under each far end of the stone as well as the pig. This "When Pigs Fly" stands on a 14Kwhite gold cloud with one diamond at his feet to represent stars. Who doesn't want this statement cocktail ring for a finger size 6.5?  Clear quartz brings in mental and/or physical clarity. Use this stone to find your way into a more clear environment.  $2,455- US + postage

"Lily" is an acrylic painting, ​20.5x16.5" including frame. It demonstrates that you can overcome boundaries if you try by simply growing from the inside out. I always finish off my acrylic paintings with two coats of water-based polyurethane. It helps to hold the vibrancy of color, and if you need to wipe it down from dust, there is no problem. #2431    is   $500- + postage

My Goddaughter loves sculptures of "When Pigs Fly". Deciding to create a pair of earrings, I worried they would be too heavy if I went larger since they are solid gold.  When finished, I worried no one would realize what they were. No problem on either front. They are not heavy, and people recognize them and comment always with a smile on their face. They measure 1 1/8” Long from the lever back top, by 4/8” wide in 14Ky.   $650- U.S. + postage

22Ky hammered gold surrounds your finger with a 7/8" x 1/2" faceted amethyst in 18Ky gold cage style prongs. Amethyst is a stone long associated with power. Don't get hammered down or placed in a cage by life, intuitively you know how to make shifts, one at a time. Discover your inner power in this size 9 ring that can be made a bit larger or smaller if it's not your size now.      $1,800- US   +   postage

​Black and white fascinator hat levels out on a headband base and has a great uplift of feathers for moments when something simple is just not enough! The dogwood florals have sparkle centers and a gold leaf. Any veil gives you an illusion of mystery, and this one does not disappoint. Be alluring. #2101 is   $235- US + postage

Amethyst is a wonderful stone to work with when you are beginning anything. It connects the crown chakra (found at the top of your head) with intuitive protective forces. You can feel protected in your search for whatever the latest query is. This ring is made in 14Ky/r gold, is a size 6, and can be sized a bit in either direction.   $685- US  + postage

18+14Ky/r gold form this fun cobalt druzy pendant with a conch shell, gray fresh water pearls, and azurite/malachite. All druzies help to bring in clarity of understanding, gray pearls help you air out emotional difficulties in positive ways, azurite malachite aligns the heart and lungs to bring in perfect breathing. All my  artwork is one-of-a-kind. This pendant comes on a   " gold cable chain.  $.    US + postage

"Awareness/Intention" bowl has a gold interior, purple exterior with gold butterflies and dots. It's 3.5" high x 6.75" wide with actual amethysts sewn into the paper Mache. Set your intentions with strength. Comes with how-to and care instructions. #2448   $55- US + postage

​#35     "Garden Delight" is comprised of dragonflies and lady bugs are often thought to be part of the Fairy world. Here they are magically always in flight, happily sailing through life. This 2'x4' gallery wrap acrylic painting is one-of-a-kind and is available for $900- US + postage

"Awareness/Intention" bowl has actual pennies on the gold interior, with a green exterior to remind yourself of the wealth in your life each and every day. It's 3" high by 6.5" wide and comes with a how-to and care instructions. #2444   is   $55- US + postage

                                                                                           2018©Copyright C.L.Sherman 

​Hidden and exposed hearts garnish this straw-base fascinator hat with a ribbon-wrapped headband.  It's  12" round and is meant to be slanted to one side. Be that mysterious you. #1625   is  $285-  US + postage

Fascinator hat in ​a delightful study in greens on a straw base, with ribbon headband. Peacock and ostrich feathers, green felt and floral display are always in motion, and being one-of-a-kind makes this the most fun. #1736  is $225- US plus shipping

​Purple headband fascinator has ribbon, felt, feathers and crystal jewels to frame your face! In life, there are ups and downs. With love and a bit of care, you can get to the next upward moment. Hearts for love, and triangles symbolize strength.​ It measures 14x11".  #1619  is  $345- US + postage

 Chinese dragon coin ring measures 1 1/8”, with 14Ky rose and green gold wrapped around to form the ring in a bamboo design. Attract wealth by wearing and looking at it every day. Finger size is 9.5-10 and can go up or down a bit either way.  $2,250- US + postage

​"Awareness/Intention bowl is 2.5"high x 4.5" wide with gold interior, light blue exterior and stylized waves in gold. There are actual beach stones inside this paper Mache bowl. Have you always wanted a cottage by the shore? This comes with how-to and care instructions. #2440  is $45- US + postage

This wonderful dragonfly necklace measures 2" across, is made of 14Kw/y gold and has an iridescent black fresh water pearl that dangles from its' tail. With the fine cable chain the overall length is 18". Dragonflies are part of the magical world and they can dance on water. Black pearls help you find the wealth of knowledge that is yours. Find your way today while dancing lightly through life!   $1,350- US + postage

"Awareness/ Intension Bowl has a gold interior, pink exterior with abstractions and 3 pcs of rose quartz sewn into the paper Mache. How do you value yourself? Set intensions, write them out and place them in the bowl. You can always change these thoughts. It's 5.5x2.25", comes with how-to use and care instructions.  #2434   is   $45- + postage

​Two strands of natural colors of pink pearls. Both strands are fresh water pearls strung on silk cord and hand knotted. I realize the photo looks like the colors go all over the place. Please trust me, they are pink tones. Pink pearls bring in a nice pillow of inner comfort and acceptance. When you feel life has been unkind, find your own inner peace with the use of pink pearls. The 8-9mm strand is 16" long and is $270-. The 10-11mm strand is 17" long and is $450-. If you would like to own both strands, your price will be $720- with free shipping in the US

​"Pillow Fight" is a one-of-a-kind acrylic painting done on gallery wrap canvas. If you do not know what that means... the canvas is 2" deep so you do not need a frame which makes a painting lighter weight on any wall space. The Harlequin style boarder reminds you of boundaries we create, or maybe need to in life. This painting is 2 x 4' and is in a combination of gold and bronze tones, a white core, and black accents. Having spent a life of collecting feathers I felt this was a perfect way to pass along my admiration for such wondrous creations. It can be yours for $850- US + shipping (somewhere around $100-)

Mark the state you live in, where you grew up, where your children were born, or where you vacation with a wonderful coin pendant, earrings, or ring. This is a RI state quarter wrapped in 14Ky gold with a loop to enable wear on a chain, or use on a charm bracelet. $300 US + shipping

  "  mm heshi turquoise with white fresh water pearls has a 14Kw toggle clasp you can wear in the front with something hanging from it, to the side, or in the back. Perhaps you wear this as a multi-wrap bracelet instead. Work on emotional birth while remaining balanced in a feminine way with turquoise and white pearls.    $   US. + postage

​"Awareness/Intention" bowl has gold interior and light blue exterior. It's 3" high x 6.25" wide with actual turquoise sewn into the paper Mache. Where do you want birth in your life? Write it on paper, place in the bowl with intention. Hold that thought. This comes with how-to and care instructions. #2443  is   $45- US + postage

"Dancing Starfish" is a 2x4' acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas. There are lots  of color dots and a Harlequin boarder. We need and build boarders in our daily lives. If done properly, boarders create a realm for emotional safety and cause for a good dance!. On all of my acrylic paintings I place two coats of water base polyurethane for easy wipe downs. This is set up to be hung either vertically or horizontally. It is a very happy painting.!      $1,100- US  + shipping.   (shipping is somewhere in the $100- range)

This happy acrylic painting is 3' x 4' on gallery-wrapped canvas. That means it's 2" thick. Harlequin boarders overlap the edges so there is no need for a frame, and the painting is lighter weight without a frame. "Eskimo Whales" is red, blue, white and gold and if you notice, there are hearts in the tails and each corner. I have it set up to be hung vertically, but it can be horizontal if you wish. Simply let me know and I'll set it up for you. I finish all my paintings with two layers of water-based polyurethane for easy care. You can wipe dust or splatters off with a damp cloth.  #1995 is     $1,900- US + postage

Adularia moonstones, Persian turquoise and opals comprise this 18Ky resting butterfly necklace. It's 2" across, 1.5" high, with a 19" strand of 5mm white fresh water pearls. Turquoise is for birth, or rebirth. White moonstones help balance your lunar cycle, while opals help eliminate cobwebs and white pearls bring an inner balance to femininity.  Butterflies are messengers capable of morphing out of earthbound creatures. Learn how to eliminate the cobwebs that bind you within a lunar cycle to create a rebirth of self with femininity!     $3,500- + postage

Turquoise fascinator hat has a straw base, veil, felt and feather elements, along with a headband for security. Be whimsical and alluring with this fun outer expression of yourself.        #2181 is $235- US + postage.​

Enjoy this fascinator hat asa all the feathers move almost constantly. The straw base is on a headband for a secure connection. The base, veil, blue roses and feathers all have my signature gold accents. #2276  is $. US + postage