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Candace Sherman, Goldsmith

Candace Leigh Sherman lives in Newport, Rhode Island, however her intriguing jewelry is appreciated around the globe. Specializing in hand constructed, one-of-a-kind jewelry she proudly adds a new line of all gold jewelry to her collection. Candace’s design versatility makes her pieces appealing to a broad spectrum of collectors. She uses different karats and colors of gold with precious, semi-precious stones, pearls, uncut crystals and beads for her personal and one-of-a-kind designs. Now her all gold pieces are a fun addition for designer jewelry collectors.

When asked about the evolution of her art, Candace replies: “Designing jewelry comes from within, education provides knowledge of tools and techniques that allow bringing imagination into reality.” She graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, in 1975 with a degree in art education. She studied jewelry making while in college then worked for two goldsmiths in Newport from 1976 – 1976. Candace opened her own retail jewelry store in Newport in 1976 and ran it for seventeen years when she moved her business into her studio at home. Candace now devotes her time to the design work she so loves, creating unique jewelry out of her studio in Newport.

During the long winter hours of 2004 Candace felt a connection with the Rhode Island Red rooster and chicken that is our official state bird. “Over the years I have noticed the symbolic jewelry to represent our lovely state as being a pineapple for hospitality, a sail boat for the ocean sport and an Americas’ Cup charm to mark where the races were held for so many years. When has anyone ever paid homage to our state bird? For that matter, what about all the other hobbies this lovely state houses?” That thought in mind got Candace working on the new line of all gold jewelry called “The Chanticleer Collection”. Chanticleer is an old French word for rooster. Candace found Chanticleer a fitting name to cover the new line. On these web pages you will find designs that incorporate chicken and rooster jewelry made into earrings, pendants, charms, bracelets, neck chains, cufflinks, blazer buttons and tie or lapel pins.

When asked if Candace felt there was an end in sight for chicken and rooster designs her reply was: “No. Honestly I keep seeing these fun birds in all sorts of sporting events. When I was quite small I collected eggs from a cousins hen house and watched him pluck the feathers off a chicken. Guess it left a strong impression. I have always loved the concept that eggs are a symbol for wealth. When you can feed yourself or provide the birds to lay more eggs and continue to feed yourself, you are wealthy! After moving to Newport I used to travel past a house where the owner had two doll size chickens dressed in weather appropriate clothing for the day on top of the mailbox. It was fun to drive by and see the costume for the day. Obviously these mailbox sitters represented our state bird. Little did I know so many years later I would find these birds so much fun for jewelry designs, people get so serious when they discuss jewelry. Hopefully I am adding some fun back into the art of adornment I love so much.”

Please return to our web site often as we change and update. We will be highlighting a monthly page where Candace will show what she's working on and offer new items for sale. If you have a special stone in mind and it is not on the site yet, please e-mail us at; , we’ll gladly send back some pictures of what we have to fit your request.

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