My core income for forty plus years has been designing and making fine one-of-a-kind fine jewelry.

Since childhood, I have made jewelry, painted, and have tried to understand my dreams.

Today, I make jewelry, paint, make paper Mache bowls, fascinator hats, and write books that explain my inner beliefs. 

Many of my creations show how I work inside and outside boundaries that may be forced upon each of us in life, or maybe, we need to form to protect us. Even in my books I discuss how to protect ourselves with white light energy.

All of my work is based as one-of-a-kind. That said, I do repeat design ideas on all fronts, but being human means I am incapable of duplicating anything exactly. even if I should be making something again by a cast method in gold, each piece will be utilized differently and finished by hand that means it will be individual!

Candace L. Sherman

 Candace has turned her passion for the healing the power of stones and crystals into a magical new book for children ages 8-11.

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Candace L. Sherman is a stone whisperer who lives in Newport, RI. Her life-long passion for stones began in early childhood, as did her gift for making jewelry.
She opened a storefront in 1976 to sell her one-of-a-kind fine jewelry creations. Candace quickly became known for her ability to look at stones and know how they wanted to be mounted.  
Through that store, her crystal shop, and her travels with fine art and craft shows, she taught others to work with stone healing energy and color vibrations. 

Here’s what just a few of her many happy clients think…

 “Candace has the uncanny knack of maximizing the beauty of any stone in her settings. Her creations are beautiful.”

“Her pieces have a mystical allure.”

“I’ve never seen anything like what Candace does in jewelry before.  There are wisps of gold wrapped around a stone that turn into leaves, that lead into other stones.  It’s all airy, feminine, yet somehow durable at the same time.  Truly magical jewelry!”

“She takes the lowly beach stone and gives it a regal image!”

“How Candace combines different colors and karats of gold together in so many jewelry pieces blow my mind.  You never doubt something is hand made when you gaze upon her work.”