All my paintings are acrylic on canvas. Anything over two feet in size is on what's called gallery-wrap where the canvas edge is about 2" thick. With the painted edges, there is no need for a frame beyond what I have painted in. This keeps a larger painting lightweight enough to easily hang almost anywhere. I also finish my paintings with a layer of water-based polyurethane so if you choose to have the painting in a kitchen, even food splatters can easily be washed off.

Floor Cloths

#31.   ​"Hands" is a floor cloth I designed to place in a kids room. It measures 43" x 33", is acrylic paint on canvas with polyurethane finish. It can be used as is or have a rug pad placed underneath.  Free shipping in the US $575-

This wonderful acrylic painting is titled "Easter Fish" and measures 16 x 20". It has been painted on all four sides so there is no need for a frame unless you would like one. #30A is  $165- US + postage

#38.      "Lone Star" floor cloth measures 32.5 x 27", is acrylic on canvas with water base polyurethane finish. You can use this directly on the floor, or use a rug pad underneath. they can easily be washed by hand, and come with care instructions. Who doesn't love red, white and blue? Free shipping in the US $400-

#30  "Squiggle" is a floor cloth that measures 34" x 35.5", is acrylic paint on canvas with a polyurethane finish. It comes with a care instruction sheet, and can be used as is on the floor, or with a rug pad underneath. Colors are; aqua and fuchsia with black and gold. Free shipping in the US $425-