Taking care of your crystals/stones energetically

    When you feel there is negative, or stuck energy in your stones or crystals, there are a couple methods for clearing that energy and then recharging I suggest.

      Exceptions to the rules are stones such as opal, emerald, anything organic like amber, pearls, bone and all forms of beads, please refer to last suggestion given.

None of this is an exact science, so please trust your inner judgement, and err on the side of caution.

  Take your stones/crystals and place them in a small dish of warm water with Kosher or sea salt (as much or little as you feel necessary) and let them soak for a period of time.  This means you need to pay attention!  If you are in tune with your stones, you will know the time slot necessary to clear away negative energy.  An example would be for 15min-2 hours.  Normally, I’ll soak them for about 20 minutes.  Rinse the stones with clean water while saying, “Please remove any and all negative energy within or on this stone and allow it to continue moving forward into the light where it belongs, under grace and in divine right healthful ways.”  (Please note that at this time you ought to throw your salty water down the drain so the negative energy goes away from you, your house, and your stones!) Place your stone on a clean white paper towel, white cotton, or white silk cloth, on a tray you can take out into the yard for unobstructed sun.  The sun will recharge the energy in your stone.  Again, pay attention to how long it is out there for.  This depends on how strong the sun is that day with clouds, summer heat etc. In general, I leave my stones out for recharging for about ½ to one hour.

     You ought to now have great new energy in your stones!  Once in a blue moon, I have had to redo my clearing exercise on something that got bombarded in some very odd way energetically.

     This next method for clearing is using dirt.  You may use fresh dirt from a garden shop, or take it from your yard.  If your stones are in metal, you can lay your pieces on top of the dirt, or submerge it into the bowl of dirt.  If your stones are loose, please do keep track if you choose to submerge it into the dirt.  Once you feel it is time, you may use the same quote above when rinsing under clear water of; “Please remove any and all negative energy that is contained within this stone at this time and allow it to continue moving forward into the light where it belongs, under grace and in divine right healthful ways.”  Place the item now cleared onto a clean white paper towel out in unobstructed sunlight for a period of 10 minutes to perhaps an hour depending upon the strength of the sun that day.  

     Normally, I remain outside with the stone(s) to make sure they do not take off on their own with wind or what have you. I also usually weight down the corners of the paper towel for that same purpose.

     Please do not forget to take the dirt and throw it in the trash as it now contains negative energy, something you do not want around your home now!

     The final method is using dirt again, but for emeralds, opals, pearls, bone, horn, amber, pearls anything organic in nature.  When clearing energy from these items, I use dirt in a bowl, place a paper towel over that, and then lay your item across the top of that.  Once you feel it has been cleared, I do not rinse with water, rather speak over the piece and then lay it on a piece of white paper towel to go out in the sun for a few minutes. You do not want these items to get wet, nor do you want the raw sunlight to remain on them for too long.

     Cording for beads is normally either silk or nylon.  Once that thread gets wet, it can remain so for a long period of time and cause rot to both the bead, as well as the cord.  Please try to keep the cording dry at all time!

     When dealing with organic items such as bone, pearls, etc, they can be scratched by dirt.  Best to keep them away from the dirt, but still ask for the negative energy be removed and throw away the dirt afterwards.

     I am constantly asked about recharging stones or crystals out in the moonlight.  Here’s the thing, moonlight is reflective energy whereas sunlight is not.  You want the stones to be charged with new, clear energy.

     Next is please do not try to recharge your stones on a window pane with the window closed and or a screen in place.  Both of these things will diffuse the energy you are trying to amp up.  Your stone clearing will not be complete until you recharge in the open sunlight.

Cleaning jewelry... People have come to me over the years with many concepts on how to clean, and or keep their jewelry. Let me say this... You should not keep pearls in some form of cooking oil at any time, nor should you keep them in water. You can destroy the nacre, and you can rot strands of pearls from the inside out by getting the cord wet and not drying it immediately. If you are looking to clean your strands of pearls, simply take a damp paper towel and rub them down, one at a time. If you have them restrung, they get cleaned as the person is doing the stringing.

                        For most stones (not organics please) mounted in real metal (not beads) soak your fine jewelry in a solution of warm water with a bit of ammonia, and dishwashing liquid. With an old toothbrush that you only use for this purpose to lightly scrub behind a stone to loosen dirt or lotions, then rinse with clean water, dry off, and you should be good to go. Personally, I never use the supposed jewelry cleaners as I found the chemicals can cause damage. If nervous about following this process, please take your piece into a jewelry store to ask for advice and possibly have them clean your pieces.