Beautiful pink sinamay​ base is painted with gold triangles and dots. My triangles represent. Dots allow us to stop every so often during trying times to take a deserved break. The gorgeous floral element is firmly attached to the base, and all has a core headband element to remain put. Please know that when you use sinamay as a base, wind tends to pass through, so no need to worry during climate shifts. Please call for availability. #1594 is about 9", semi-round. $255-    US post included

This wonderful wedding series fascinator will capture your heart! It has great color, moving, almost floating goose feathers, and florals. This one is for the bridal party, or a guest. Perhaps you are heading to a derby party? If so, this is a great way to meet new people. You do know that when you wear a fascinator, others find you fascinating!  #1934   is $310- with US postage included. Please call for availability.

Lovely in Pink! This straw-base fascinator is what I call a "Pie Plate" style where one edge curls up, the other curls down to frame the face wonderfully. There are fuchsia felt hearts and gold triangles with veiling to complete the whole image. Being on a headband, it will remain in place even in strong winds. Love yourself and you are golden!   #1673   measures 9" round and is available for $245- with free shipping in the US

Off white Asian influence fascinator has a stylized grass and bud decor with gold triangles. Triangles to me symbolize strength. You can be quite demure, and be emotionally strong with this wonderfully fun example of haute couture.   #1688   is 12" round and $305-   US post included

This is part of my wedding series. Instead of a total veil, why not wear something that has the flavor of a veil, with more embellishments? This fascinator has a white, 4" teaser veil, white roses, white goose feathers, white snowflakes and white ostrich feathers that dance with any kind of movement. Be demure, and stand bold at the same time with this wonderfully stylish hat.      Please call for availability.   #1920   is   $285- and includes US postage

​Who doesn't love a bride? Ali is wearing a bone colored wedding fascinator that has straw base with open rose, felt hearts, veil over the eyes, and long veil trailing down the back which sits over the shoulders for the important event. Having a headband, it remains in place, no fuss, no muss. #1923 and is $395- and free shipping in the US 

Exquisite, handcrafted fascinators are one-of-a-kind, however, I will happily make an effort to reproduce any that have been previously sold. Please give a call, give me the number # to find out if it is available, how to ship, as well as pay.

Round sinamay fascinator has felt, paint, ostrich feathers, veil and glass ladybug. The feathers move with the lightest breeze to make you even more alluring! It measures 5.5" and is shown on lovely Adelaide (center) Two other beauties wearing fascinators have been sold.  #2162  is $128- with free postage in the US

Begin with a yellow straw base and build a rainbow of color from there with this fascinator. The teaser veil is 4" out from the beautiful purple floral center, with hand cut goose and ostrich feathers that dance with any movement. The purple headband keeps it in place on top of your head. #2278 is $275- with free shipping in the US  sold   I'm happy to make something similar for you.

Side style headband fascinator for those who want a smaller version of stepping outside the norm has a natural color shell, felt, feathers and paint accents.   #1607   is  $110- with US post included

Fun floral clip-in fascinator has felt, florals, paint and veil to give a great, clean expression of femininity.​  #1670  measures 6x4" and is $135-   US post included

This clip-in fascinator has ribbon, felt and jeweled beads. Wear it where-ever you might like, front, back, or on the side. Such a clean refreshing color combination of yellow and teal. It measures 5" up and down. Please call for availability.  #$65-           US post included

Combine blue hydrangea with a white sinamay base and this fascinator is perfect for any special event including a wedding or polo! It's lightweight, measures 18" long by 13" wide, and remains in place with a headband base. Some of my fascinators can be worn in two different positions, and this is one of such hats. If today the blue felt hearts along with the hydrangeas is too much, then turn it about to have more white showing. All of my creations are one-of-a-kind. Please call for availability of #1780.  $435- US post included.